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Ainsworth new CEO at Marucci; 'Duck Dynasty' star joins board

In step with a succession plan that's been years in the making, the board of directors for Baton Rouge-based Marucci Sports announced today that company co-founder Kurt Ainsworth will take over as CEO. Former CEO Brett Stohlton—who has held the position since Marucci co-founder Reed Dickens stepped down as CEO in February 2012, also as part of the succession plan—will remain an adviser to Ainsworth and the board of directors. Dickens will now serve as chairman of the board, which is also set to be joined by Duck Commander CEO and Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson. In a press release issued today, Marucci says Robertson is being brought onto the board to help the company launch a new camouflage division. He's not the only new...

Going to bat

From Little League to Major Leagues, when a baseball player swings for the fences, theres a good chance he's swinging a bat made in Baton Rouge.

Aaron Nola

Occupation: Pitcher, LSU Baseball
Hometown: Baton Rouge
Age: 20

'225': Are young baseball players hurting themselves by trying too hard?

With the summer winding down, thousands of young, local baseball players are leaving the field, having swung away and chased down fly balls and pitched their hearts out. "With fall ball right around the corner, more of these little warriors on the diamond are facing a new opponent: a malady called Little League elbow," Lee Feinswog writes in a story about young athletes in the August issue of 225. "That might not be fair to Little League, but when you see an inflamed joint and the agony it can cause a young pitcher, the name becomes irrelevant, fast. What does matter is that after all this time and all the education and warnings, young baseball pitchers are still throwing what many think are not only too many pitches, but too many breaking balls. And that can be devastating on young, still-developing bodies." This is where Central Physical Therapy's sports medicine specialist Erik Strahan comes in, Feinswog writes. "[Strahan is] in the midst of an area where as much youth...