New healthy food service concept coming to Corporate

New healthy food service concept coming to Corporate

After a couple of years of planning, Fresh Kitchen—a new food service concept that features healthy meals to go—is planning to open its first location at 7474 Corporate Blvd., across from Towne Center and adjacent to Christian Street Furniture, by early May.

The food store will offer over 30 breakfast, lunch and dinner to-go items for a wide range of dietary lifestyles, from vegan to paleo, says Ryan McNeil, who co-owns the business with Chef Daniel Dreher. The menu will feature generous selections of poultry, beef, bison, pork and seafood, as well as an impressive salad bar.

A partnership with The Big Squeezy—which recently opened near the Perkins Road overpass—is also in the works, and McNeil says Fresh Kitchen hopes to capitalize on other such partnerships within the community.

"We are working with a nutritionist to make it more affordable and easier for people to adapt a healthier lifestyle," he says, adding that Fresh Kitchen aims to use local and organic ingredients whenever possible while also keeping menu items in the approximately $8 to $12 price range.

Dreher's creative and diverse specialties will also appeal to the foodie's selective palate. The Paleo's Shepherd Pie, for example, offers a healthy twist on a tasty classic, opting for lean ground beef and sweet potatoes instead of regular spuds.

McNeil estimates an early May opening, allowing for a 60-day build-out necessary to adapt the 1,400 square-foot former Loft 3H—which closed last year—to Fresh Kitchen's needs.

"We're trying to pay attention to the design and colors so it's a good, clean feel," McNeil adds. "We want it to be a cool environment that's clean and well-designed."

Similar food service concepts have met success in big cities like Austin, as well as smaller locations like Lafayette, but McNeil says Fresh Kitchen is the first such retail store in Baton Rouge. It won't be the last, however.

"We actually already have plans to open a second location sort of on the other side of town by Perkins Road," McNeil says. "We are going to do other locations."

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