Memo to teachers and staff of Vermilion Parish

Memo to teachers and staff of Vermilion Parish

To All Teachers and staff of Vermilion Parish,

At last night's school board meeting, the board approved a professional development day for the personnel of Vermilion Parish on Thursday, March 15th. This day was granted so that those of us who would like to attend the Education Committee meetings in Baton Rouge on Thursday may do so. You will have the choice to go to Baton Rouge to rally and speak with our representatives about the bills that will be presented this spring in the legislature. If you choose not to go to Baton Rouge, you will need to report to your school for professional development. The children will not be at school on that day. There is a chance that the senate committee will cancel the meetings, therefore, this will not be official until Monday. Parents will be notified by robocall on Monday night if this is to proceed. However, if we are released for that day and it is not canceled until the last minute, we still need to be there to show our presence and speak with as many legislators as possible.

If you go to Baton Rouge, we are asking that you Wear Red for Ed. However, our superintendent has asked us not to wear clothing that will identify us as Vermilion Parish Teachers (anything with a school or parish name on it). We will be representing the teachers of the state as a whole and would like to be seen as any teacher, not just Vermilion Parish teachers. However, when speaking with your legislators, please let them know that you are one of their constituents and where you stand on the issues. One of our legislators has told us that he has spoken with teachers that are in agreement with the reform plan being proposed by Governor Jindal. We want them to know that we do not agree with the plan as it is being presented and that we would like them to vote against any bills that would adversely affect public schools and teachers.

You will be required to sign in at your school, or with a representative in Baton Rouge to show that you attended. If you are not planning on being at either location, you should put yourself in the computer as a sick or personal day.

This day is not just for VAE/LAE members, this is for ALL teachers across our state. Many other parishes will have teachers there, and we are hearing that at least one other parish has released their teachers for the day. Please come out and represent the public school teachers of Lousiana and future of your students.

Please see the attached poster explaining "Stand up for Students" on Thursday, March 15.

See you in Baton Rouge...WEAR RED FOR ED!!!!!

Thank you,
Karen Richardson
VAE President
Special Educator
Kaplan Elementary

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