LaPolitics by John Maginnis: GOP, business PACs in coalition for BESE races

LaPolitics by John Maginnis: GOP, business PACs in coalition for BESE races

"BESE races are where the action is," says the governor's campaign manager Timmy Teepell. The GOP Victory Fund has spent over $500,000 on TV ads and direct mail for its four endorsed BESE candidates—two challengers and two incumbents, he says. The GOP Victory Fund is helping finance TV ads for Jay Guillot, who is challenging Keith Guice in Monroe, and Holly Boffy against incumbent Dale Bayard in the southwest district. The party is part of a loose coalition of business and education groups that are spending on BESE races, including the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry regional PACs, contractor Lane Grigsby's Alliance for Better Classrooms and the Associated Builders and Contractors' Pelican PAC. Their financial support overwhelms those resources of the Coalition of Public Education, but that group has more grassroots manpower through the teacher unions and superintendent and school board associations.

—In their League of Women Voters debate Thursday, Nungesser challenged Dardenne not to practice law while lieutenant governor, while Dardenne quizzed Nungesser on the departments and funding of the tourism office. Dardenne responded that he received no income from his law practice last year or this year, but that he "keeps the doors open" and pays his private legal aide's salary. Nungesser said he did not have information on hand about the structure and funding of the agency because he hasn't had the job for 10 months.

They said it: "I like it all, as you can see." —Billy Nungesser, when asked to name his favorite Louisiana dish

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